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The LeakDetective

The LeakDetective helps to detect water leakage in your home.  Water leaks can lead to damage to your home or can cause expensive water bills. LeakDetective works with a second water meter added to your home, or if you do not have metered water already, a new water meter.

The LeakDetective allows water usage information produced by your water meter to be sent wirelessly to a nearby computer.   This computer can then process the data and produce charts or your daily, monthy and yearly water usage

This could data allows you to monitor water usage independantly of your city read water meter.   You can independantly check to see if the water usage you are being billed for is accurate as well as detect leaks

Handy LED (Light Emitting Diodes) mounted on the LeakDetective give you a visual clue as to when leaks are occurring.   When you are sure that no water is being used by any appliance you can check the LED lights on the Leak Detective to see if they are flashing.  If so, you have a leak.


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